Maria Pavina
Head of Cornerstone's Representative Office in Saint Petersburg
Brief biography: Maria was born on November 13, 1977, in Novosibirsk. In 2001 graduated from Institute for the Humanities, law faculty; in 2009 graduated from the Russian Academy of Civil where she majored in Staff Management. From 2010 to 2012 studied the distance MBA program for entrepreneurs in Open Business School (LINK). From 1997 to 2003 worked as General Issues Assistant Director in a construction company, in 2003 she began her HR director career. In 2004 Maria won the all-Russian competition Golden HR. From 2008 to 2012 Maria worked at the Kirov plant in St. Petersburg, where she started as the project manager for the implementation of an automated staff management system and eventually became the head of the Strategic Planning Department. In 2012 she was offered the position of head of the St. Petersburg office of the HPS Group recruitment company.
On October 1, 2014, she accepted Sergey Razhev's offer to organize and manage Cornerstone's representative office in Saint Petersburg.